March 21, 2016

My First Crochet Class on Skillshare

  A few months ago I published my first crochet class "The 4 Core Crochet Stitches: A Beginners Crochet Class".
  When I first started the process all I had was the title and some general goals for the class. What I didn't really think about at the time was that for every class, I was going to have to write a new pattern, set up a space for taping the lessons, as well as the introductions, and I needed to be able to find a time in the week where I can have a quiet, uninterrupted couple of hours to record. I also did a lot of research on how to edit videos, add music and I still have much to learn. 

  But through this first class I learned a very important lesson, and that was that it is doable. I can have an idea, create a project and publish a class. I can teach crochet through the internet. And I can do it while still having time to homeschool my children and keep the house in decent shape. (The house is never perfectly clean or put together, but I'm okay with that now. ) I want to be a great mother and teacher, a supportive and encouraging wife who gets sleep at night, and still has time to try new things. This is an opportunity to stretch my creative wings and perhaps earn some extra income. I am an artist and I enjoy creating and with these classes I hope I encourage and help someone else find a new, fun way to create. I don't think that I will restrict myself to only creating crochet classes but that is were I am starting and I hope to have a second one done soon. 
If you have the opportunity to take my class please let me know what you think of it. You can review it on Skillshare or make a comment here on this post.
 If you sign up for Skillshare through my links here, you can get 3 months of membership for $.99 .