November 4, 2014

Two boys, two different crafting styles

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As a mom of two bouncing baby (well, not so baby) boys, 
who I home-school so doing arts and crafts with them is important to me.

 And with all of the things that I could add to their curriculum I wanted to make sure that they had an opportunity to learn music and art. So far with music they are beginning with piano and as we move forward they will have the opportunity to learn a new instrument.
This has been a more straight forward and they have already decided what their next instrument
 (a guitar for Connor, and a drum for Preston).

Science and Craft cupboard
Crafts station

 When it comes to creating there are so many different things to try. I started by building up our arts and crafts supply. I set up an area in our kitchen where we could work and get to things easily. We work on cutting with scissors, gluing things together, drawing, painting and on...

But beyond that, I wanted to find something that they would want to do in their free time; a creative outlet. We tried a few things crochet, looms, sewing and plastic canvas with yarn. A few years ago we tried crochet and it didn't take. But I recently started crocheting again and my boys wanted to try again. It took a little while for my oldest to get into it but now Connor enjoys crocheting. He has made a few practice squares he made while learning new stitches, a hat, a dog sweater, and a few granny squares. 

 My youngest says "that's not for me", so we moved on to the loom and he liked it for a while, and on occasion. The plastic one you find at most craft stores broke, so i made a new one out of wood and screws. He has now moved onto sewing yarn on plastic canvas, I purchased a kit.


We will see what is next. They both enjoy sewing and will be doing more of that soon. Having arts and crafts as a part of our home life is fun and an important thing to learn.

Let's go Create!!!

Are You a Creative?

Define: "Creative"?

Recently I was told that I am a 'Creative'... I looked online to see what that may mean and found that there are a few definitions out there in the world.

From what i read I made up my own definitions and ideas on what a "Creative" is and in doing so proved to myself that I am a Creative.

First and foremost a Creative must create. He/She feels like a day where nothing was created was a wasted day. You might start ten different projects in one day, and years later find that you only finished half of them, but the possibility, of what those unfinished projects can become, is its own inspiration. For me personally, I like to work on more than one project at a time so that I can switch from one thing to another when I get bored or tired of what I am doing.

Being a Creative can express itself many ways : music, fine art, crafting, writing, inventing and so on...

Anyone can be a Creative, but I think its easier for many to go with the flow of life and distracted by ease of routine.

The Misunderstood Creative

Being a Creative can be tiring... Your natural instinct is to go against the flow, to see things differently and to wonder if you can do it better your way. Which can lead to more work and less sleep.

I generally rearrange one or more rooms in my house annually, and I am currently looking at paint colors to repaint my living room (we'll see if that happens, painting rooms is not list of favorite things to do, but i like that way it changes the look and feel of a room after its done), and I have 5 current craft projects going, and others in the planning stages... I don't like it when someone tries to limit me, and I don't feel compelled to do anything you 'think' I should be doing.

Jeff Goins said some great thing about Creative's:
A creative creates art. Not to make a buck, but to make a difference. She writes to write, not to be noticed or to sell books. She sings to sing, for the pure joy of making music. And she paints to paint. (And so on…) 
A creative colors outside the lines. On purpose. In so doing, she shows the world a whole new picture they never would have otherwise seen. 
A creative breaks the rules. And as a result, he sets a new standard to follow.

Encouraging Kids to be a Creative

I think we need to pay attention to our children, who are all naturally creative, and help them develop into their own kind of Creative. Give them opportunities to express themselves and show off their creativity. I recently started adding art to our homeschool regime. We work on developing skills that will allow them to express themselves with purpose but always shows off their uniqueness.

In one project I enlarged a paint by number picture that was a wolf (our last name is Wolfe), and we each picked new colors for the numbers and then painted the picture. and each wolf is unique to the person creating it.

Intentional Creative

The final thing I would like to note is that being a Creative does not mean you are without intention.

We still develop skills and, when we want to, we color inside the lines, but when we color outside the lines... we do it "on purpose".

So I leave you with this question: 

Are YOU a creative? 

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*Jeff Goins is the blog writer of

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By FlaviaWolfe

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